5 Takeaways from Golden State Warriors’ Early Showing vs. San Antonio Spurs – Bleacher Report

    Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

    Injuries suck.

    You can rant and rave about Pachulia’s controversial closeout, compare it with a criminal act or even take your complaint to court. None of that matters. At least, none of it changes the result.

    Leonard’s ankle, which was initially injured last round, suffered a pair of setbacks Sunday that could send him hobbling into the offseason. Barring an unexpected San Antonio comeback, the ailment will serve as this series’ point of demarcation.

    There’s no telling what would have happened without it, but the change in the before and after snapshots are so dramatic you’d think they were hawking a weight-loss supplement. The Spurs led 78-55 when Leonard exited. The Warriors have outscored them 194-133 since.

    San Antonio opened the series gritty, savvy and every other way you’d expect a Gregg Popovich-led squad to look while trying to defy the odds. By Game 2, the same players appeared shellshocked, dispirited and entirely overmatched.

    “I don’t think they believed,” Popovich told reporters after Game 2. “And you have to believe. I don’t think as a group they really did, which means probably a little bit feeling sorry for themselves psychologically, subconsciously, whatever psycho-babble word you want to use. … I don’t think they started the game with a belief.”

    It’s not surprising to see the Warriors go steamroller mode. That’s what most anticipated entering this series. But we’ll never know how things would have transpired had Leonard landed cleanly.

    Injuries really suck.

5 Takeaways from Golden State Warriors’ Early Showing vs. San Antonio Spurs – Bleacher Report

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